Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers: A Bond Made of Selfishness and Coldness

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Effects of narcissistic mothers on daughters

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Unfortunately, this is not reality for many of these adult children. Some stepmoms may be close enough to their stepchildren to offer them emotional support as they navigate childhood with a narcissistic mother.

Effects of narcissistic mothers on daughters

For a child to survive in an abusive environment, he needs to become similar to the people around them. Although there is a continuum of narcissistic mothers, those on the moderate to severe end of the spectrum will especially cause extreme chaos and dysfunction. She was physically present, doing her duties as a mother but, she felt cut off emotionally from everyone around her.

Effects of narcissistic mothers on daughters

Effects of narcissistic mothers on daughters

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  1. Additionally, it provides advice on how to protect the children from the ex, including how to avoid alienation by the ex. For a narcissistic mother, being competitive is a way of life.

  2. As a child, a co-narcissist was only valued for the ability to meet the needs of their parents. This is how it was for me to be around my mother.

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