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Dundee babes

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One of his earliest big-screen roles was in Jude , in which he shared a scene with Christopher Eccleston , playing a drunken undergraduate who challenges Eccleston's Jude to prove his intellect. Tennant appeared in Derren Brown 's Trick or Treat.

Dundee babes

Danger in the Manger in Coventry. He was open and up for it, and I got a good reaction.

Dundee babes

Dundee babes

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  1. Tennant replaced him as of the second series, making his first, brief appearance as the Tenth Doctor in the episode " The Parting of the Ways " at the end of the regeneration scene, and also appeared in a special 7-minute mini-episode shown as part of the Children in Need appeal, broadcast on 18 November

  2. Tennant developed his career in the British theatre, frequently performing with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

  3. Tennant developed his career in the British theatre, frequently performing with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

  4. One advert was voluntarily withdrawn after a complaint lodged by BBC Worldwide , which believed that the advert broke the corporation's guidelines by featuring references to Doctor Who that appeared to be a commercial endorsement of the service.

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