These Dumb New Jersey Laws Will Crack You Up

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Dumb laws in new jersey

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In Oklahoma, the Cold War is still being waged in a state statute that claims that "there exists an International Communist conspiracy which is committed to the overthrow of the government of the United States. When you're down in the Big Easy, nothing hits the spot like a big bowl of jambalaya.

Dumb laws in new jersey

It might have been hilarious in cartoon form, but it was a serious problem in North Carolina until stricter penalties for grease theft were written into the books in Despite what you might have read elsewhere, it is legal to get a fish drunk in Ohio.

Dumb laws in new jersey

Dumb laws in new jersey

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No striking's expected in New Jersey. Teenager it illegal to start them. No tourists period while you're narrow to denial the Locals.

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  1. Take off that ridiculous fake mustache if you do — unless, of course, you don't intend to cause laughter.

  2. If prepared "in the traditional manner for public consumption," the dish is not bound to follow certain sanitation codes.

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