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Incapable of being perceived by the senses 2. Well, the English dictionary gave me some idea of what this elusive word means, such as:


In fact, my senses were in need of a good break as we returned home. Young people from across the region exhorted, encouraged and insulted their ancestors in community as they spoke of the need for a fresh fire and zeal to proclaim the gospel amongst us. Incapable of being perceived by the senses 2.



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  1. The word I wanted to use to describe it was "intangible" and yet I felt that that didn't quite fit. The dulcid tones of the On Holiday choir delighted us in the evenings.

  2. The Lord blessed our brothers and sisters in their service and allowed their efforts to grow the very project itself, until the amazing number of people from 17 communities from Europe, Lebanon, and some other continents as well came to celebrate with each other. Well, the English dictionary gave me some idea of what this elusive word means, such as:

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