Drinking in the movies

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Drinking movies

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The sight of Audrey Hepburn wrapped in a towel smoking a cigarette in her impossibly long holder at the beginning of the evening is enough to let anyone know that they are in for a long night. Gremlins The movie: Scream The movie:

Drinking movies

Take a drink when: In the UK, you can often get a beer or a glass of grotty wine, but unless you want to emulate James Bond and drink a Heineken Heineken, really?

Drinking movies

Drinking movies

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  1. Watch Zoolander now on Amazon Prime Video Bourbon out of a paper cup, and more importantly, Manhattans made in a hot water bottle, sans bitters or garnish.

  2. Could you be any more lovely, and crazy, and tipsy? Somebody uses a place as a character name.

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