Dragontape: Turn YouTube into your own customized mixtape

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Video about dragontape:

You can create up to a three hour long playlist of videos and Dragontape launched this summer, promising a nicer way to enjoy YouTube videos. The embedded version of the Dragontape player offers the same gapless playback and easy tape controls as the webapp, but with a simplified view of the timeline, that works better with the smaller screen size.


Collaborative features let users share tapes with friends, or set up a YouTube party where everyone can drop their favorite videos to the mix, like a jukebox. Great for any class, but especially great for music, drama, and art classes. Student organizations could create playlists of current music for a school dance, saving money on a DJ as long as the school has the proper sound equipment to amplify the playlist.



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  1. Dragontape's mixtapes are essentially playlists of YouTube videos that users can compile using an innovative visual interface the developers say is as easy to use as a tape recorder. Basically, you can create your own online "bookcase" for web based videos.

  2. You can trim and use the fade feature on video clips for more seamless viewing. Embed multiple videos in ONE box or page.

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