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Dogging picture

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The painting was surely created around the same time; the style of the work, with its use of European illusionistic devices, is typical of the mid-sixteenth century. Also, Cholula had a multitude of temples and was famed as a sacred pilgrimage center. Moreover, according to numerous sources, Cholula was ruled by two high priests, and one of these went by the title of Tlalchiach.

Dogging picture

Many thanks for correcting us! Moreover, the visual record suggests the culpability of the native victims, for the implication is that their deaths were instigated by their refusal to accept Christianity. This may be because it happened in the chaotic aftermath of the immediate post-conquest years and because our primary record of the event was not created with the intention of holding the Spaniards accountable for their harsh actions.

Dogging picture

Dogging picture

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  1. Accordingly, the violent executions would have sent a strong message of Spanish superiority over indigenous leaders and the necessity of accepting Spanish authority. This article was uploaded to the Mexicolore website on Nov 04th Here's what others have said:

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