Boxers or briefs? Men’s underwear choice could affect sperm count, study says

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Do boxer briefs lower sperm count

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Chan School of Public Health have new findings that may help settle the debate. However, the study didn't look at the effect of switching underwear styles on sperm count, nor did it examine whether men who wear tight underwear had lower chances of conceiving a child. Tighter underwear could potentially lead to higher testicular temperatures, by holding the testicles closer to the body, but studies looking at the effect of underwear style on testicular function have had inconsistent results.

Do boxer briefs lower sperm count

Still, Eisenberg said that "if the current study can be consistently reproduced, then I think it's something we should discuss with all patients. The researchers then compared the results of semen and blood analyses with lifestyle survey responses.

Do boxer briefs lower sperm count

Do boxer briefs lower sperm count

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  1. It involved men, mostly in their 30s, who visited Massachusetts General Hospital for infertility treatment with their female partners between to But even if a study finds that something is linked with lower sperm counts, "does that actually translate to a lower ability to cause a pregnancy?

  2. Since the majority of men do not know what their starting values are, it probably makes sense to make these types of lifestyle changes when you are trying to conceive.

  3. However, other experts said they wouldn't make a flat-out recommendation for men to switch to boxers.

  4. The new study is one of the largest to examine the link between underwear type and sperm quality.

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