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Discworld 4

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Witches Discworld Witches in Pratchett's universe are largely stripped of their modern occultist associations though Pratchett does frequently use his stories to lampoon such conceptions of witchcraft , and act as herbalists , adjudicators and wise women. I guess there were some, but not as much as I had expected. There are also humanist themes in many of the Discworld novels, and a focus on critical thinking skills in the Witches and Tiffany Aching series.

Discworld 4

Ankh-Morpork City Watch The stories featuring the Ankh-Morpork City Watch are urban fantasy , and frequently show the clashes that result when a traditional, magically run fantasy world such as the Disc comes into contact with modern technology and civilization. The City Watch have starred in eight Discworld stories, and have cameoed in a number of others, including Making Money , the children's book Where's My Cow?

Discworld 4

Discworld 4

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  1. The City Watch have starred in eight Discworld stories, and have cameoed in a number of others, including Making Money , the children's book Where's My Cow? Parodies of non-Discworld fiction also occur frequently, including Shakespeare , Beatrix Potter , and several movies.

  2. Meanwhile, the High Priests of Omnia see Small Gods have declared that, since Omnism has always speculated that the Discworld is, in fact, spherical and Roundworld is, clearly, a spherical world though one that is currently in a glass container on a small shelf in the Unseen University it proves that Omnism was always correct and use this as "evidence" that Roundworld should belong to Omnia. It felt as much too light a read.

  3. As such, he not only constantly succeeds in staying alive, but also saves Discworld on several occasions, and has an instrumental role in the emergence of life on Roundworld Science of Discworld. As dictated by tradition, he is a seven-foot-tall skeleton in a black robe who sits astride a pale horse called Binky.

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