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New Zealand[ edit ] Dick Smith Electronics registered for business in New Zealand in [24] and is believed to have opened a store the same year. But now they seem to have become a direct shopping business based in Hong Kong with little concern for their customers or reputation.


An international edition of the flagship catalogue was published in support of the operation. The "iceberg" turned out to be a barge cloaked in white plastic sheeting and topped with firefighting foam , an April Fool's joke. After touring overseas electronic stores to study modern merchandising methods, Smith introduced self-serve shopping, a breakaway from the longstanding counter-sales setup found in component sales at the time, and produced an annual mail-order catalogue with a substantial data section.



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  1. I'm sure Kogan started off with the intent of growing an Australian company that offered great value. Some installation services were also introduced as well as Computer repairs and upgrading.

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