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Detective goran

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While intellectually gifted, he has many personal demons, and his eccentricity and unconventional investigative methods sometimes rub his colleagues the wrong way. In season 2, a personal friend of Goren's mentions a funeral, implying that the elder Goren had died before the series began.

Detective goran

Wallace is one of the few criminals Goren encounters who is able to outwit him and even get to him emotionally, particularly by confronting him about his unhappy childhood. As a result, says D'Onofrio, "Goren is lost and has to find his way. Post-romantic Stress Syndrome OK, we made that one up.

Detective goran

Detective goran

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  1. In "Untethered," D'Onofrio's last episode before the writers' strike, Goren went undercover in a mental ward to expose prisoner abuse.

  2. Surely Goren's ludicrous depth of knowledge on every topic, from French poetry to science to fine wine, has raised D'Onofrio's eyebrows?

  3. That the network [returned] with Dick, the fans should thank them. She eventually came to respect his abilities, however, and the two became very close.

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