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Desperate housewives online free

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Ricardo Antonio Chavira played Gabrielle's husband, Carlos Solis , who has to cope with the revelation of his wife's affair with their gardener, while trying to get out of jail. The season, cast and crew received critical acclaim and numerous awards and nominations.

Desperate housewives online free

Former model Gabrielle Solis , portrayed by Eva Longoria , who suffers a miscarriage just as she starts accepting upcoming motherhood. At the 64th Golden Globe Awards , however, the series only received a nomination for Best Musical or Comedy Series, seeing Cross and Huffman nominated for their respective roles.

Desperate housewives online free

Desperate housewives online free

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  1. Ratings[ edit ] The American Broadcasting Company kept Desperate Housewives 's original time slot, airing the series on Sunday nights at 9:

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