Building an APEX List of Values with Cascading References

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Define lov

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Symbol Description Exhaustive Defines all possible entries. This needs to be done in a manner that will allow the end users to do their job in the simplest and most efficient way, while enriching their user experience. What are you looking for?

Define lov

User defined values are not inserted into the structure. Interacting with Lists of Values In Solid Edge Embedded Client, you interact with Lists of Values when you define properties on common property dialog boxes where lists of values have been defined by a Teamcenter administrator. A basic or cascading LOV with a property description attachment displays two columns on the common property dialog box where one column is master and the other is dependent.

Define lov

Define lov

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  1. Interdependent LOVs with property description attachments are represented on the common property dialog boxes by a master column and a group of dependent columns, a supported LOV type and an LOV usage type of Exhaustive or Suggestive.

  2. Symbol Example Cascading Exhaustive A list of states that contains a comprehensive list of cities to choose from.

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