Eight Tips For Handling Anger At Someone With Asperger’s

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Dealing with aspergers in adults

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Coping with stress uses many different cognitive functions of the brains such as recognizing the symptoms, identifying causes, formulating a coping strategy, maintaining control of emotions appropriately and remembering these techniques. To your partner, this might mean weeding. Or they may prefer a certain type of sensation and, a certain type of music, for example, and seek it over and over.

Dealing with aspergers in adults

There has to be reduced sharing of interests and a lack of emotional give-and-take. Controllable — Uncontrollable Important — Unimportant This can help you to stand back from your situation in order to view it more clearly and objectively. You still might disagree with their actions and feel hurt.

Dealing with aspergers in adults

Dealing with aspergers in adults

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  1. Understanding and Managing Stress The first step a person can take to reduce stress is to become aware of the major sources, or triggers, of stress in your life. Examples of actual statements are:

  2. There is an infinite number of combinations that all describe a high functioning individual with autism spectrum disorder. Examples of actual statements are:

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