Revere Ware History

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Dating revere ware

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Classic line styling, body material comprised of two layers of stainless steel around a core of carbon steel for heat dispersion. A design change came in when the handle was widened and an option for polished stainless steel, copper core bodies was added. Thankfully, there are easy ways to identify the most desirable periods.

Dating revere ware

Revere combined them all in when it introduced Revere Ware at the Chicago houswares Exposition. By all accounts, they were either lost, destroyed, or dispersed in when Clinton was closed, and are no longer available.

Dating revere ware

Dating revere ware

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  1. The lack of a cohesive marketing strategy, with poorly differentiated and frequently changing product lines, served only to confuse, then allienate buyers.

  2. Made in South Korea, available 7 piece sets only. Sales of copper clad Revere Ware reached an all-time high in , with nearly 5.

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