Bad Teeth Can Tank Your Love Life

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Dating a guy with bad teeth

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It was among the most foolish decisions I ever made. Maybe after a little while bring it up -- it sounds like maybe guys aren't so sensitive about this, based on some other replies? If it bothers you now, it'll bother you forever.

Dating a guy with bad teeth

Also, if he knows that it's because of bad teeth, then he knows it's not because he's balding, is a bit pudgy, likes to watch Pokemon cartoons, has a cat, or any of the ten thousand other insecurities and doubts he has about himself that you don't care about or actually like. Of course he knows he has bad teeth.

Dating a guy with bad teeth

Dating a guy with bad teeth

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  1. Don't forget that he is a rational agent, he is entitled to make his own choices, but in order to do so effectively he needs to know the facts. I kiss him without hesitation.

  2. But it's still not really polite because you can't know how sensitive he is about it, or what the cause is. Ready for a commitment?

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