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In addition, earlier continuo style tends to be more contrapuntally oriented than harmonically oriented, although this distinction can blur. The term also refers to the composed part itself. One common-sense notion is that any time an instrument capable of playing harmonies joins in an ensemble, the player will naturally fill in those harmonies.


In orchestral music, the chordal instrument s play along with the bass section. Lacoste Crocodil Shirt Crocodil Polo Lacoste Ruisseau gg Jumper Melange oliver S Grey Guaranteed In addition to the chordal instrument s , melody instruments cello, bassoon can play the bass line, although this is not necessary and is less common in earlier music.



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  1. Suit Blue Hugo Medium Jacket Jeffery 5wxPqYH Composers typically did not specify continuo instrumentation, but instruments commonly used included members of the lute family the archlute and theorbo in particular , harp, guitar, instruments of the harpsichord and organ families, and even bowed-string instruments such as the lirone or viol. Its predecessors could be said to include such things as songs with written-out lute accompaniment which likely can trace their origins in turn to songs with improvised accompaniment and organists assisting singers in liturgical performances.

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