In love with the name but not the inevitable nickname

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Cute nicknames for madison

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And even though I have a very beautiful Biblical name my mother named me for her favorite actress Deborah Kerr. It's literally just like popular names from the 20th century, like Susan, Karen, Michelle, etc, who people most likely used to think were infantile but are now just typical adult names, and I'm SURE that Madison will be the same way.

Cute nicknames for madison

Yes, the meaning is son of, but who pays attention to name meanings but the few name-nerds? I'm a girl so I'm not a angry boy whoever said that. You can stop a nickname if you don't like it till she's old enough to have an opinion.

Cute nicknames for madison

Cute nicknames for madison

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I strong it's countries name so get over it, you have no last over what my name is or any Germany out there. Nancy Such Marmite name!. Cute nicknames for madison

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  1. Boy or girl, it is your name, and your parents must have had a reason for giving you the name, even if it was just because they liked it.

  2. Any name could fit a stripper, because a stripper could have any name, Mary to Madison to Chardonnay. I think it's VERY overused now and wasn't that common as a boys name in years past.

  3. And even though I have a very beautiful Biblical name my mother named me for her favorite actress Deborah Kerr. By the way, who the heck would name their boy child Madison?

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