Flight Attendants Reveal Their Craziest Passenger Stories

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Craziest flight attendant stories

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Luckily, everything worked out: The granddaughters would not leave her, not so weird, but the grandma was asleep so she couldn't answer questions. Everyone was well into the flight when this guy in a nice suit had this liquid pouring onto him from the overhead cabin.

Craziest flight attendant stories

She even remembers the crew making announcements with bizarrely specific updates on the status of the screw. But that was the problem facing travel journalist Alyssa Haak and her flightmates before their takeoff from Fort Lauderdale.

Craziest flight attendant stories

Craziest flight attendant stories

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  1. She and her fellow passengers had to wait for another plane to arrive, and for the replacement screw from that plane to make the journey across the tarmac.

  2. She denies medical attention and refused to take the baby to the clinic that is literally 50 feet away.

  3. Two nurses were on the plane, and they helped the sudden, quick delivery go smoothly. Finally, we had them off and we were getting ready to go again, about 2 hours late at this point.

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