Top 15 Country Songs For Summer 2018

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Country songs for the beach

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Don't tell a soul! We cast aside pretenses and expectations and open ourselves up to summer's lovely possibilities: Summer's filled with breaking the rules, standing apart, ignoring your head, and following your heart.

Country songs for the beach

We have rock, pop, country and classic tunes to get you started. Don't tell a soul! Summer romances burn quickly and intensely then often fizzle out when September comes.

Country songs for the beach

Country songs for the beach

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  1. In the song, the two recount their summer romance, particularly the romantic evenings they shared: He fell in love with with the farmer's daughter.

  2. The man in this song longs for those carefree days and is determined to reconnect with her one day. Carefree Days and Nights that Sizzle There's something about the hot, lazy days of summer that seems to relax all the rules.

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