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Video about cosmogeny:

Observations about our present universe may not only allow predictions to be made about the future, but they also provide clues to events that happened long ago when Observations about our present universe may not only allow predictions to be made about the future, but they also provide clues to events that happened long ago when The other view, held by proponents like Stephen Hawking , says that there was no change through time because "time" itself emerged along with this universe in other words, there can be no "prior" to the universe.


Physical cosmology is the science that attempts to explain all observations relevant to the development and characteristics of the universe as a whole. Some of these models are mutually compatible, whereas others are not. Theoretical scenarios[ edit ] Cosmogonists have only tentative theories for the early stages of the universe and its beginning.



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  1. Researchers in string theory and its extensions for example, M theory , and of loop quantum cosmology , have nevertheless proposed solutions of the type just discussed.

  2. As of [update] , no accelerator experiments probe energies of sufficient magnitude to provide any experimental insight into the behavior of matter at the energy levels that prevailed shortly after the Big Bang. Proposed theoretical scenarios differ radically, and include string theory and M-theory , the Hartle—Hawking initial state , string landscape , brane inflation , the Big Bang, and the ekpyrotic universe.

  3. Questions regarding why the universe behaves in such a way have been described by physicists and cosmologists as being extra- scientific i.

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