Test Before Feeding Corn Stalk Bales

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Corn stalk bales

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Use a protein supplement that is nearly all natural and is mostly rumen degradable. October 29, - Author:

Corn stalk bales

Forage tests for corn stalk bales have shown a wide variability in quality. Ask an Expert Beef cattle farmers — Save a horse by feeding cornstalk bales to cattle Beef farms with ample hay supplies can profit from feeding cornstalks and selling some hay to horse owners desperately in need. The reasons this works nutritionally is that most beef cows are routinely fed hay in the winter that is above their nutritional requirements.

Corn stalk bales

Corn stalk bales

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  1. The bales can be sampled using a hay probe, but it is important to get a good, representative sample. This would generally decrease quality because of the added stalk stem amount in the bale.

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