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Core gasm

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What does it feel like? The group in the study that fared the best did a "group, supervised exercise routine" rather than just trying to go it alone.

Core gasm

You don't have to run to get a runner's high—any cardio activity will work! Sometimes you get in tune with it quicker than your mind can," says one survey participant.

Core gasm

Core gasm

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  1. Much of the research surrounding coregasms has been focused on women. When you engage your muscles to stabilize your core, you may also end up contracting the pelvic floor muscles that can be essential to achieving orgasm.

  2. Some experts speculate that group exercise, with its social aspect, may have even more benefits.

  3. As you go through your workout, try focusing on all the cool things your body can do. While some people are just born that way Giselle Bundchen, perhaps?

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