25 Best Things to Do in Rochester, NY

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Cool things to do in rochester ny

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They lead us along their timeline, exposing history as their waterfalls walk backwards. Science on a Sphere will show you our planet in 3D floating in front of your eyes. Artisan Works prides itself on providing the community with a unique experience, in that anyone can walk in and experience art creation and find inspiration.

Cool things to do in rochester ny

Corbetts Glen Nature Park in Brighton This allows visitors to learn about the settlement of the city, how water was used to transform the region, and how the actual town became a huge part of the industrial boom. The park is known for its steep wooded slopes, its large valleys, small lakes, and gorgeous foliage during the summer and autumn seasons.

Cool things to do in rochester ny

Cool things to do in rochester ny

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  1. Corbetts Glen Nature Park in Brighton The scripts are carefully chosen, the costumes are spectacular, and the great actors bring their audience to faraway lands and fantasy worlds.

  2. The park spans across acres, 5, feet of which are spread out across the waterfront of Lake Ontario. Here are a few ideas to start exploring your own 15 miles on the Erie Canal!

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