How To Improve Your Sex Life (Try A Post-Coital Cuddle With Your Partner)

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Coital cuddle

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Her study is being published in The Journal of Sex Research. Well, fear not, compromise is at hand!

Coital cuddle

The one thing men and women felt was equally important was saying "I love you" to a long-term partner after sex. The afterglow of post-sex affection proved to be long lasting for couples, with participants reporting higher levels of satisfaction with their sex lives and relationships in a follow-up survey conducted three months later. If the Spoon is vanilla, then the Twist has to be chocolate.

Coital cuddle

Coital cuddle

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  1. Condoms Don't Affect Sex, Study Finds "Females placed an overall great importance than did males on all five items measured:

  2. A new survey of the behaviors of men and women after mating underscores the seemingly contradictory strategies employed by both sexes which nonetheless manage to keep the species going. Condoms Don't Affect Sex, Study Finds "Females placed an overall great importance than did males on all five items measured:

  3. Engage those legs — one partner can wrap theirs around the other, or you can intertwine them. Among the other differences were that men were more likely to initiate kissing before sex and women after, showering and other sanitary practices were more likely after short-term partners than long-term partners, and women put more stock in talking about the relationship before sex than after while men showed no preference.

  4. In the online survey, participants reported that they engaged in affectionate behaviour for an average of 15 minutes after sex. After a session of impassioned and strenuous lovemaking, you collapse to the mattress, spent.

  5. So that interval after mating may be when women can secure that bond from their partner.

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