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Looking down at the now empty bottle, he quickly thought back to how Tony Stark had taken control of his conference room that afternoon to talk about which actors would suit each Avenger if a movie was ever made. Are you breaking the pattern to tell me good news now?


Odin had struggled to find a suitable punishment for Loki. It meant that Jane Foster was joining the team, not that there was any doubt to her eager acceptance. I want to bring together who I consider the nerds in the Marvel-movie-verse.



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  1. If in the case that an intruder did use it, the mouse couldn't be fooled with a fake layer of skin with her copied prints since that extra layer would register as having a lower temperature than her normal fingers. Finally, the book presents a detailed discussion of how these logical devices allow Buridan to maintain his nominalist position without giving up Aristotelian essentialism or yielding to skepticism, and pays special attention to contemporary concerns with these issues.

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