"Budget" 351W Build

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Cheap 351w build

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OEM blocks are typically only good up to limited horsepower levels and should only be used when staying naturally aspirated. We used this opportunity to test a few different intake manifolds.

Cheap 351w build

If you use a piston that is too short in these powerful engines, you will see piston failure in no time. The cylinders cleaned up with a minimal 0.

Cheap 351w build

Cheap 351w build

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  1. The affordability and availability of large displacement Windsors means that a standard old has gone by the wayside.

  2. There is a lot to consider when selecting the parts that will fit your wallet and desires. The Rods Have to Match The connecting rods in a kit are matched not only to the crank, but also to a specific piston design.

  3. Stroker Windsors require pistons with the pin moved closer to the top of the piston. But what parts should you spend more of your money on?

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