13 Facts About Charlemagne

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An anecdotal tale from the 9th-century De Carolo Magno relates how he spent a whole day tormenting some courtiers who returned from a festival decked out in silk and ribbons. Here are 13 facts about the first Holy Roman Emperor.


When Pepin died he left the empire to his two sons, Charlemagne and Carloman. The Franks were Germanic tribes mostly living in the area that is today France.



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  1. It also served to notify Charlemagne's enemies that his domination of Western Europe was sanctioned by the Church.

  2. The King spent much time and labour with him studying rhetoric, dialectics, and especially astronomy; he learned to reckon, and used to investigate the motions of the heavenly bodies most curiously, with an intelligent scrutiny. He also tried to write, and used to keep tablets and blanks in bed under his pillow, that at leisure hours he might accustom his hand to form the letters; however, as he did not begin his efforts in due season, but late in life, they met with ill success.

  3. Charlemagne was reframed as an enemy of traditional Germanic culture and an example of the evils of the Catholic Church.

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