Asshole Personality Disorder

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Characteristics of an asshole

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Why do you think a girl gets red and smiles as soon as you approach her with a direct compliment? Understanding where others come from and the struggles they have will make it much easier to be assertive or aggressive.

Characteristics of an asshole

There are many more of them, but for the sake of brevity, I will only name two examples. The more aggressive the request, the more aggressive the reward should be. Emotional Strength Women want strong men.

Characteristics of an asshole

Characteristics of an asshole

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  1. Even though this is true a lot of men totally misinterpret this concept. I no longer allow it.

  2. If you really understand where others are coming from and the conditions they face, you can then craft your approach in a way that being assertive or aggressive will have the desired, positive results.

  3. Even though it is beneficial if you have a few muscles , the truth is that women are way more attracted to emotionally strong men than they are to physically strong men.

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