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Catz meow

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Tweets by catskaraoke Much of the success of The Cats Meow is attributed to the concept. The stage is open to everyone for karaoke and it's free to sing. I am counting down the days until I can kiss his little cheeks!

Catz meow

We offer hundreds of songs for guest to choose from, and our staff treats everyone like a star!. And, I really truly mean it when I say I love you.

Catz meow

Catz meow

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  1. Finally, a house with two bathrooms where I won't have to make Paul turn the TV on loud every time my stomach acts up.

  2. The wide variety of music, the energetic emcee's, and the unknown of the next karaoke singer make this club the phenomenon it is.

  3. To get an idea of what we are and what we do, check out our four LIVE webcams provided by EarthCam , from the stage, the balcony, the bar and the street view.

  4. Let's call it beautifully frightening. Tweets by catskaraoke Much of the success of The Cats Meow is attributed to the concept.

  5. The building features two exterior balconies overlooking Bourbon Street, and a cozy interior courtyard. Plus, I'm pregnant and it's a perfect excuse to stand back and watch the guys do everything, amIright?

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