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Video about catsexotic:

Getting out my field guide to Eastern wildlife I quickly identified it as Hellbenders retain open gill slits useful for feeding and breathe almost exclusively through the skin.


Log in to post comments By Dev not verified on 29 Jun permalink Cheshire leopard cat? Although the species does not occur as far south as San Dimas - are you positive it wasn't another large salamander like Dicamptodon ensatus?



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  1. It was clearly a box turtle but it did not match any of the subspecies native to California. Whilst they might be good at escaping from captivity, they don't seem to be too good at surviving outside it.

  2. I suppose there are enough predators competing for similar niches in the UK? Mohn not verified on 30 Jun permalink Are all the spotted cats from these to ocelot to leopard related to a common spotted ancestor, or is the separate lines of evolution arriving at the same pattern independently?

  3. Asiatic giant salamander caught in the Sacramento River, and an exotic skink near San Francisco.

  4. Tetrapod Zoology has moved November 8, You are currently at the old, defunct version of Tet Zoo.

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