Mud vains in fish?

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Catfish mud vein

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Catfish move up on the feeding shelves, rock bars, and into shallow water 5 feet or less after dark and throughout the night-time hours. About a 16 - 18" fish is about perfect. And also check your local laws pertaining to the use of game fish for bait because you can use the red meat for more catfish bait I have.

Catfish mud vein

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Catfish mud vein

Catfish mud vein

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  1. The bigger they are the more fat and the more time they have had to eat whatever they choose off the bottom. The cut bait should be cut into V-shaped pieces about an inch and a half long and hooked onto a No.

  2. When I moved to Mississippi I discovered farm raised catfish and a whole new world opened up for me.

  3. Maybe, the reason that catfish channels, flatheads are so plentiful is that most anglers are fishing for walleyes, bass, muskies, and panfish. This is my catfish hunter..

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