How Temperament Type Can Influence Your Career

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Careers for sanguine personality

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Such a person would be in the lunatic asylum. Most elementary school teachers are phlegmatic.

Careers for sanguine personality

Careers perfect for phlegmatics: Participate in social discussions. There nervous system is weak, unbalanced, and immobile.

Careers for sanguine personality

Careers for sanguine personality

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  1. We all know the terms introvert and extrovert by Carl Jung, whose theory of psychological types takes a new meaning today. A sanguine would spend the entire class period telling stories to the children.

  2. More than that, innies are better in communicating and writing. For some, this may not be so much an ideal trait because people like to have a conversation where the other can remember what they were told.

  3. Strength love traditions, sociable,contributors to the community, orderly,accurate, fantastic people mmanagers, sacrificial, self reliant.

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