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It has since been presented by the Butkus Foundation. Additionally, Butkus' five-year contract had reached its end. Ricky, Matt, and Nikki.


In a cover story for Sports Illustrated that season, sportswriter Dan Jenkins remarked, "If every college football team had a linebacker like Dick Butkus of Illinois, all fullbacks soon would be three feet tall and sing soprano. A number of Bears players, including Butkus, expressed interest in being traded or cut by the team, [28] but he signed a multi-year contract extension prior to the season to remain in Chicago. After several days of recruiting by both the teams and leagues, his decision to sign with the Bears was viewed as a major victory for the NFL.



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  1. An osteotomy left him with one leg one-and-a-half inches shorter than the other, which has affected his hips, back, and neck.

  2. He was named as head coach of the XFL 's Chicago Enforcers franchise, but was replaced by coach Ron Meyer for the league's only season in

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