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They speak a dialect called Wakhi, which is influenced not only by Brushahski but also by Dari and tajiki due to the close proximity and contact with these mountain communities. The Shina-speaking people live in the southern part of Hunza.


In his first two trips he treated 5, patients. Like certain other absolutist, dictatorial states throughout history , Hunza was closed from the outside world and the privileged few who were allowed to enter were given a guided tour in which they learned, among other things, that Hunza was greatest country in the world, and all other countries were run by little girls.



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  1. Hunza people are predominantly Shia Muslims of the Nizari Ismaili tradition. Since the opening per se of the state of Hunza to Pakistan and rest of the world, the diet that almost exclusively consisted of organically grown fruits and vegetables, oils, and seasonings grown in the immediate localities is now dominated by extensive trade with neighboring China and Pakistan.

  2. A popular belief among some Burusho clans is that they are the descendants of the Macedonian soldiers who came to the region with Alexander the Great 's army in the 4th century BC. The devil in the details[ edit ] It turns out that virtually every single one of these writers aformentioned had based their "scholarship" on nothing more than hearsay by the mir king and his attendants.

  3. John Clark stayed among the Hunza people for 20 months and in his book Hunza - Lost Kingdom of the Himalayas [17] writes: Robert McCarrison, a leading nutritionist of the British Empire , made a report on their supposed perfect health and lack of sickness or disease — claims which were later picked up by writers such as J.

  4. People of the region have recounted their historical traditions down the generations. Like any good despot , the mir made sure to drill into the minds of everyone who graced his halls that his kingdom was the greatest, noblest, purest, and yes, healthiest place on Earth.

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