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Video about buphthalmos:

Characterized by nevus flammeus of the face and meningeal angiomas. Click one of the links to view this document within the "Collection" context. Increase in the size of the eyeball can cause axial myopia and increase in corneal diameter can cause thinning of cornea and breaks in the Descemet's membrane.


It is often necessary to sedate the animal in order to open its mouth. The highest reported prevalence is in Slovakia 1: Many children require low vision aids and visual rehabilitation even after successful control of IOP.



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  1. Therefore, in these breeds minimal trauma may cause prolapse. Once considered a condition with a bleak prognosis, this condition can now be managed reasonably well with the modern surgical procedures.

  2. Depending on the duration of the prolapse, animals may present with corneal ulceration, necrosis or perforation.

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