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Brighted fun education

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We link the politics of every day experiences e. These residencies tour nationally. Another distinctive element of Ludus' work is that we make professional performance for a specific audience schools and first time dance audiences.

Brighted fun education

Ludus aims to promote dance as a positive social force and is organised into two departments. Our comprehensive practice materials help students prepare for success on these all important exams.

Brighted fun education

Brighted fun education

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  1. Most schools administer the Standardized Testing either yearly or twice yearly in a variety of subjects such as Language Arts, Reading, and Math. I also enjoy watching them grow into their own little people with their own unique personalities.

  2. When dealing with sensitive subject matter, we bring the audience back to a 'safe place' before the end of the show. The Touring Company makes dance residencies comprising professional performances, workshops and support materials, primarily for schools.

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