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Brazillian wax cost

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After the wax hardens and cools, technicians quickly pull it away, often using a sticky strip of paper. Application is recommended for several days after a waxing. The Full Luxury Treatment:

Brazillian wax cost

Begin by entering your location, then search under the Spa and Beauty heading. Material on this page is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. If you cannot remove your piercing, the Wax Specialist will have to go around it and may leave a couple of hairs that are too close to touch.

Brazillian wax cost

Brazillian wax cost

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  1. The wax itself is then removed without the use of a cloth strip. Pain during your waxing will be dependent on your mindset, your general tolerance for discomfort, and whether or not you stay on schedule.

  2. You might also have access to specific products at this pricing level that can make the aftercare of your procedure more comfortable over the next day or so, such as lotions, moisturizers, and other skin softening items. Our Wax Specialists will make you as comfortable as possible during the service.

  3. It's very dangerous to wax while on Accutane and a doctor's note will be needed to receive services.

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