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Blues clues watch cartoons

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Only 60 children participated. Further, the group of kids in the study had parents who had time to do this—which already puts them in a curious group!

Blues clues watch cartoons

Further research on older children may help us understand if the disruption in executive function happens in a critical time of development under at 6, for example or if fast-paced cartoon viewing is detrimental to school performance, memory and attention all the way through childhood. But, We want our children to have intimate, authentic, personal friendships.

Blues clues watch cartoons

Blues clues watch cartoons

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  1. We want them to look their friends and partners in the eyes. Watch an example of the marshmallow test.

  2. The children who watched Spongebob did significantly worse than both the drawing and Caillou-watching group. So working off of that, researchers theorize that Spongebob is super-fast moving and unlike any cogent interaction or experience in the real world.

  3. In many regards, children will need to function at a fast-paced, digital-literate pace to be successful as they grow up and transition to adults.

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