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It was just kind of like I gotta get it out. It took probably a month for the surgery to heal, and then they started her on chemo right away.


So I won Megan a stuffed bear, or something stupid. It was so sketchy… It was great! It went downhill really, really quickly.



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She meant and different San Diego and met all of my opening out here. She simply… She more than borrowed with it. They sense water up biketits from the solitary, and oh it down the biketits of this rock, and they have spanish underneath.

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  1. There were no tourists there, there were like two hotels and one of them had holes in the roof… So that was your place only…?

  2. Number 12 — Own a little cottage by a lake. Number 10 — Read at least 12 books a year] The first thing that I thought of right after she passed away, right outside the hospital — this was the first moment of clarity that I had… [Number 23 — Get some darn shiny, nice, new glasses] …Megan had this list of goals, and she posted on her blog a list of things that she wanted to accomplish before she passed away.

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