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Beach bum east meadow

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Warm Winter Welcomes where a fireplace glows in the Christmas season — this cozy scene all the merrier after running a beach anywhere, whether on vacation in Hawaii — or — the tundra- like weather of Long Island in December. I am not adverse to contributing to a fund that would help others attend although I am not sure how that would work etc. There is a make-up for a single event missed — wherein one point is allowed for a missing event if you have run a BAM anytime in — or — complete a BAM run prior to 2 January — midnight —

Beach bum east meadow

At the end, kick back with a mimosa and some eggs, sausage and bagels. Beach togs optional — but fun! Also there is the possibility of getting girlfriends, like Debbie Mancuso and Patti Hieronymus to do a reunion cruise solo as it has been close to 30 yrs since I have seen patti and close to 10 since I have seen Debbie

Beach bum east meadow

Beach bum east meadow

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  1. It is my feeling that Jeff should continue his plans for a special party at his house - his parties are always great - and if there are enough of us interested in doing a cruise, we should try to plan one as well.

  2. If you have never run a beach in the Winter — make this the year you do! Hi Shari I for one would be more inclined to a cruise, as if I attend with my husband, it would be more fun for him as he would virtually know no one, and a cruise entertains all.

  3. Winter is a special treat for the Long Island runner who braves the cold and salt-spray of the Sound, Bays or Ocean surf. Wear beach togs to make photos with beach scenes at pub Summer-looking.

  4. Score point by doing any run — or toasting to the harbor with sun shades on at breakfast.

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