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Bbc football scottish premier

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Prior to the creation of the Scottish Premiership, only a single club could be relegated each season - with only the second tier champions being promoted. That format was used in the Scottish Premier Division in the mids and early s, but is now considered to be too high a number of games in a league season. During the first phase, each club plays three games against every other team, either once at home and twice away or vice versa.

Bbc football scottish premier

No points are awarded for a loss. After this first phase of matches, by which time all clubs have played 33 games, the league splits into two halves - a 'top six' section and a 'bottom six' section. A season, which runs from August until May, is divided into two phases.

Bbc football scottish premier

Bbc football scottish premier

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  1. Each club proceeds to play a further five matches, one against each of the other five teams in their own section.

  2. That format was used in the Scottish Premier Division in the mids and early s, but is now considered to be too high a number of games in a league season.

  3. At the beginning of each season, the SPFL 'predicts' the likely positions of each club in order to produce a fixture schedule that ensures the best possible chance of all clubs playing each other twice at home and twice away. This is used to prevent the need for a game schedule, based on playing each other four times.

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