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A deaf, whispered or blunt, insinuating or reverberating voice through which the events of a world torn by massacres spell their true name in time, a voice that bears the specific tonality and intonation of director Radu Afrim. The scenography of the show is created by Iurie Matei scenery and Tatiana Popescu costumes.


The two men are studying and investigating each other, although only one has the legal right to do it. With a unique professional path. The result is unpredictable!



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  1. The cast comprises actors well-known to our audience: The parental home is not for sale is a slogan that sounds well in a song, not in reality.

  2. One killed his mother, wants to confess and end as soon as possible, the other wants to know the truth, or the real perpetrator, or the circumstances that led to the abominable deed.

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