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Army field artillery tattoos

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The two images I included were only samples of artillery cross cannons. This will reduce the remaining time to 48 hrs and notify all the artists that you have received a design that you intend to select as the winner. Army tattoos are fashionably delivering mainstream values to an art form that was formerly in contrast to the armed forces.

Army field artillery tattoos

High-ranking officers may get their status permanently engraved, and some individuals ink the dates of their service up to retirement. You can't go wrong.

Army field artillery tattoos

Army field artillery tattoos

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  1. Other grand styles of emblazonment include the combat helmet and countless licensed weapons.

  2. With this in mind, servicemen do not have any more excuses to avoid the furious power of tattoos. Dog tags and mission names are commonplace as well.

  3. The American flag is another mainstay in the world of army ink, and this universally recognized emblem often mingles with entire battlefields that have been re-created on flesh.

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