Clingy Definition. What does clingy mean?

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Another word for clingy

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He will hang on to that friendship until the end, no matter what. Cling or Clingy can also to be persistently faithful to someone or something. Grip- As a synonym to clingy means to take and keep a strong hold onto something.

Another word for clingy

This is usually done in a stubborn way, and clinging on is not usually a positive thing. Please stop hanging on to my arm.

Another word for clingy

Another word for clingy

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  1. Cling and Clingy can also mean that someone remains very close. I am not going to cling on to this relationship any longer.

  2. She quickly grasped the piece of paper away from her sister. It often means that someone is hanging around someone and either that person is tired of the clingy person always being there, or people that know that person are tired of the clingy person always being there.

  3. That fear may be because something threatening is happening, or it may be an imagined fearful situation. Finally cling or clingy can mean to be overly dependant on someone emotionally.

  4. Release- means that someone or something is able to escape or have free movement. The cat clung to his owner in fear, as he watched the water in the bathtub.

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