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Anime games on ps4

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The graphics of the game employ the cel-shading technology, which gives it a distinctive comic style. The story of Sword Art Online: What is also worth noticing, is the multiplayer mode, which allows up to three other players to join one's game.

Anime games on ps4

Shinobi Striker also has good graphics that effectively imitatee the comic book and animation on which the game is based on. This installment of Dragon Ball focuses on presenting the most important and most spectacular duels in the history of the series, with the participation of Son Goku and the main villains:

Anime games on ps4

Anime games on ps4

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  1. Moreover, lots of changes were introduced when it comes to combat mechanics and damage system.

  2. Action takes place on 2D arenas, but all of the remaining elements of the game are 3D. It allowed the developers to use advanced graphical effects and stylized animations to make the game look like the classic anime.

  3. Storywise, the game is a direct sequel to the previous installments in the series, focusing on the latest chapters of the manga.

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