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Acupuncture for low libido

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The diagnosis from a traditional Chinese medical perspective, which could be manifesting as a low libido, can be different for each patient. Each item is assigned a score from 0 not at all to 3 nearly every day , with a score of 15 to 21 representing severe anxiety on the GAD-7 and a score of 16 to 20 representing severe depression on the PHQ

Acupuncture for low libido

Strengthen your pelvic muscles. You may or may not feel an initial prick, or a tickle, but most patients feel very little. Please select a newsletter Acupuncture may help unleash your sexual energy.

Acupuncture for low libido

Acupuncture for low libido

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  1. Do this several times a day. From an acupuncture perspective, I would address the side effects of the antidepressant in this case low libido , as well as the depression itself.

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