Can Acupressure Point Therapy Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

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Acupressure points for erectile dysfunction

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Video about acupressure points for erectile dysfunction:

Pressure and massage can both be used. The points are important for fertility and are used to boost up the immune system and energy. The primary acupoints selected for acupuncture treatment participants were the following:

Acupressure points for erectile dysfunction

The same acupuncture point prescription was given to the acupuncture plus herbs and acupuncture only groups. Impotence is one such condition which can be completely cured with holistic healing and acupressure is a time-tested treatment for impotence.

Acupressure points for erectile dysfunction

Acupressure points for erectile dysfunction

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  1. Pressure and massage on the acupuncture sites can be beneficial. Using only herbal medicine produced a

  2. Certain lifestyle habits or stressful conditions can also lead to impotence along with low testosterone level, chronic diseases like diabetes and acupressure, the most effective self-healing method can be of immense help when it comes to treating this problem. The point is known as the Gate Origin and is one of the most useful points to treat erectile dysfunction, urinary inconsistency, etc.

  3. Pressure on that point treats not only erectile dysfunction but also menopause-related issues like hot flashes, dizziness , etc.

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