The Cancer Woman: June 21 – July 22

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About cancer horoscope woman

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Diets work best for her if they include lots of sea food, and swimming is the best exercise. They are often attracted to hand-built homes made from stucco or clay, with custom rounded curves that resemble living within the whorls of a sea-shell. Cancer is a naturally nurturing sign.

About cancer horoscope woman

Not only her moods but her environment affects the way she looks. She also works harder than almost anyone else, putting in long hours to see a project through. Romance Taurus is an ideal partner for the emotive Cancer since both will be intensely true to the deep emotions that keep a relationship going.

About cancer horoscope woman

About cancer horoscope woman

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  1. Crabs have hard outer shells with soft bodies. She wants to focus on you, not the surroundings.

  2. Cancer is an unpredictable sign, with a little of everything at different times. Her moods wax and wane like the lunar cycle.

  3. If you're in-tune with her this can make for a fantastic range of lovemaking styles, though often with an underlying romantic current and flavor.

  4. It is in the home where she can socialize safely with all her friends. Remember the Crab is her icon.

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