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4444 as a fraction

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More on ordinary math fractions theory: Doing calculations with such large numbers could be difficult. Why reducing fractions to lower terms simplifying?

4444 as a fraction

Divide the lowest common multiple LCM calculated above by each fraction's denominator, in order to get to the expanding number; that non-zero number will be used to multiply both the numerator and denominator of each fraction. How is it done? Fraction's denominator is 16 and it's prime factorized as:

4444 as a fraction

4444 as a fraction

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  1. Expand fractions - multiply each fraction's both numerator and denominator by its expanding number. This number is calculated for each fraction by dividing the lowest common multiple LCM by each fraction's denominator:

  2. Whenever the case, you should start by reducing all the fractions to the lowest terms simplifying.

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